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Hello world…

Hello world…

Hello. My name is Steve. I’m a fifty-something writer living in Ontario’s Near North. Despite the fact that I live in the woods by a lake and spend a good deal of my time chopping wood or hauling water by hand, my son thinks I need to enter the 21st century by writing a blog. I tried to get out of it by pointing out that I don’t know how to create a blog. My smarty-pants daughter-in-law then created one for me. Now she says that if I don’t write something she will and I probably won’t like it. She’s even threatening to publish my high school report cards so here it is, my blog.

Being a Word Nerd I first had to look up where the word blog even came from. Seems it is a mangled combination of the words web and log. Well that feels a little better. The web, of course, is this scary cyber thing but a log’s roots go back to an actual piece of lumber that sailors used to toss over the side of their ship to see how fast their vessel was going. The speed was recorded in a book that became known as a log book, which became just the log and now we have web logs called ‘blogs. I guess I can get the hang of this and if not, I have lots of real logs around here to throw at my computer.


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